Why send your children to a Christian school?

Academic Excellence

via faculty who are caring, innovative, and equipped.

Social Development

through community engagement.  Our students are culturally prepared for college, career, or calling to service.

Spiritual Enrichment

is at the center of EVERYTHING we do - from biblically based curriculum through our Christ-centered faculty and staff.

Emotional Awarness

acknowledges that we are created beings who are motivated by feelings which effect attitudes that shape our perceptions and behaviors.

Physical Expression

through thoughtful exercise, athletic competition, and performing arts provide students of all ages and abilities a place and space to grow and play!


MOTUS (Latin for “movement”) Groups were created for the sole purpose of helping students move forward by providing spiritual support, direction, and encouragement through our gifted faculty. We believe that the spiritual mentorship of our students will improve the community health of our campus and result in a higher rate of success (both spiritually and academically) among our current study body. By combining our high-quality academics with personal mentoring, students of SCA should be able to reach goals, accomplish tasks, and gain perspective for their spiritual journey.